Jobs and Opportunities Will Be Restricted!

Have dreams of starting a business? Do you need the help of employees? Great, I hope so and wish you well. Sorry, this zoning has almost zero industrial or commercial land open for your business anywhere in the county. Less than ½ of 1% of county land is zoned industrial. 99 to 100% of that is already in use, mostly by Rexer’s, the quarry, and log mill across 220. You could try to buy one of them out. Under 1% of county land is zoned commercial. The only open commercial land in the county was created just last week for Tom Kitchen’s lots along 220 just north of Laporte. This extreme limitation on new industry amounts to a freeze on new businesses and kills job creation in the county. You’ll have to start your business elsewhere.

All four of my children graduated from Sullivan County High School and all four now live elsewhere. Three spent significant time here as adults looking for opportunities but could find only low wage jobs. They had to move away to find a livelihood. We have too little opportunity here, not too much activity in dire need of control by zoning.

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