Hunting Will Be Restricted!

I object that Hunting, an important “activity” to many county residents and visitors, is permitted only in Open Space and Viewshed Preservation zones. It is not even allowed with those difficult Special Exeption or Conditional Use permits in the Agriculture or Residential zones. While that may come as a surprise it is quite clear in the ordinance. Hunting is on the list only as Hunting Preserves and you’ll need a permit.

Hunting is mentioned 5 times in the proposal which the Planning Commission says is ready to be made law. The first instance is the prefatory table. “Hunting Preserves” are listed as a use permitted only in 2 zones, Open Space and Viewshed Preservation.. Next is a reference to kenneled dogs (page 17). Third and forth list Hunting Preserves as “uses of right” that seem to still require an application and permit (pages 30+31). Lastly Hunting appears in the noise exemptions (page 62). Hunting is not mentioned otherwise. As Doug Hovey, who wrote it, said “if it’s not on the list it’s not allowed.” Clearly this ordinance requires a permit for hunting which the zoning officer will not issue in Agricluture or Residential zones, only Open Space and Viewshed Preservation zones.

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